Inpatient Detox

We can help you detox from all substances of abuse, including: 








Prescription pills


Our Inpatient Detox program provides a safe place for patients to go through withdrawal. Sometimes medical complications can arise during the withdrawal process, which is why 24/7 medical supervision can be a good option for those at high risk. Depending on the substance and duration of use, withdrawal symptoms can range from being physically and mentally uncomfortable to dangerous and life-threatening. 

Our Inpatient Detox programs last 3 to 7 days, and take place in our Boulder, CO facility. Our staff are equipped to handle medical complications as well as mental health issues. 


Depending on the substance the patient is addicted to and their withdrawal symptoms, our medical staff may prescribe medication to help manage symptoms and control cravings.


After completing Inpatient Detox, our staff will discuss further treatment options to provide continued support to the patient as they continue their road to recovery. 

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