Medical Detox

Two Medical Detox Options in Boulder​ 

We offer traditional inpatient detox with 24-hour medical supervision as well as more flexible ambulatory detox where medical staff visit you at your home. Both options offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Medical Detox

Not every patient seeking sobriety needs medical detox. Medical detox helps those with severe physical addictions that pose physical and mental health risks during the withdrawal process. Withdrawal symptoms left untreated or improperly addressed can be extremely uncomfortable and even life-threatening, depending on the individual, the substance, and the length of use. In these extreme cases, a rigorous, medically-supervised detox is required. 

We are the only medical detox facility in Boulder, Colorado, and one of the few along the Front Range. A fully-equipped staff of doctors, nurses and professionals guide patients through this process. 

Our medical detox provides two key services: medical oversight and a Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) program.

  • Medical Oversight. 24-hour nursing and comprehensive oversight ensure maximum comfort during the three to seven day treatment. Our supervising team will continually monitor and assess both your psychological and physical indicators so we can constantly adapt to your detox process.

  • Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) program. MAT uses medication to address both the discomfort and potential dangers associated with Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. The MAT process begins with a thorough intake assessment conducted by a licensed physician and psychiatrist to identify the immediate needs of the individual. We then draft a plan that will make their detox process as safe and comfortable as possible. Learn more about the MAT process here.

Inpatient and Ambulatory Options

Boulder Integrative Health offers medical detox in both an inpatient and outpatient setting.

Inpatient Detox programs are intensive care treatments that take place in our facility. Patients need a safe space to go through withdrawal. Boulder Integrative Health provides it. This program typically lasts three to seven days.

Ambulatory Detox programs are outpatient treatments that provide many of the services of Inpatient Detox but in a less restrictive manner. This program typically lasts for 72 hours.

At the completion of a medical detox program, we provide support and referrals for your continued recovery. It is highly recommended that a successful detox is paired with a comprehensive aftercare plan. Boulder Integrative Health has options.

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