Testimonials and Detox FAQ

Matt M.

"This detox was one of the most comfortable, inviting, and educational experiences I have ever encountered in my time as an addict. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. For a very new detox facility, the treatment I received was impeccable." 

Lisa V. 

"BIH made a very difficult situation for me and my family much safer and less scary. When it came time to discharge, the staff worked with me to find the next level of care that was just right for me." 

Cory L. 

"Thank you guys so much! Y'all literally saved my life and didn't judge me on the way I looked. I love you guys!" 

Ashley P.

"BIH saved my life. There was never a time when staff was not available to talk, even at 2 a.m. when I could not sleep and just needed to sit with someone. If you need a safe and compassionate place to start your recovery process, this is the place."

Frequently Asked Questions about Detox

Is medical detox right for me? 

There are many advantages to medical detox. It is a safe and controlled hospital environment with doctors and nurses who are trained in medical withdrawal. Withdrawal can not only be extremely uncomfortable, but deadly. 

How long does it take?

The time detox takes can vary from person to person, and depends on the types, frequency and number of drugs or alcohol a person has been using. Typically, it takes 3 to 5 days to become stable. 

Are there private rooms?

Yes, we have private rooms. There are also separate living areas for men and women. 

What do I do after I am

safely detoxed? 

Our staff will help you figure out your next steps. Our goal is to help you find the next right decision for your recovery. 

We are independently owned and operated, and you are free to choose the best option that fits your needs when you leave our care.

What does it cost, and what does it cover? 

We will work to bill insurance companies for you if you have coverage or if you have met your annual deductible and are out of network. 


Typical private pay cost for an inpatient detox treatment program stay are $3,000 to $5,000. That cost covers 24 / 7 nursing and daily on-site medical staff interaction, medication, drug testing, meals, private room, one -on-one case management, therapy groups and discharge planning.

What are the next steps?

Contact us today for a confidential conversation, to ask questions, or arrange a tour of our facility in Mapleton Hill.

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